Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stowe, VT

We returned from Stowe, VT late last night. It was a great trip. We visited all our favorite places and spent plenty of time relaxing. The weather was beautiful! Emma climbed the rock wall for the first time and loved it. Joe enjoyed climbing the rocks and running away from us as often as possible. On Saturday we returned to Burlington for the farmer's market before we went to the airport. The sun was shining and for us as we said goodbye for another year.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

MSU Children's Preparatory Choir

Dress rehearsal for the MSU Children's Prep Choir Spring Concert. Emma is the one in the middle with the soccer gear and the lemon yellow Crocs.


Coach Chris, Emma, Annie, Melanie, Cora, Samantha M., Samantha S., Kelsey, Olivia, Jelimo.

The T-birds parents & grandparents!

The Thunderbirds had their last game of the season on Saturday. Emma could only play the first quarter because she had rehearsal for the MSU Children's Choir concert scheduled for later the same day. After the rehearsal we circled back to Cora's house for a T-bird party. Then, a couple of hours later.... the concert. Whew - what a day!

Krista's Graduation

Joe spent most of the graduation riding the free bus around campus.

Emma & Joe's sitter Krista graduated from the School of Education at MSU last week. Next fall she will be interning as a Special Ed teacher in her hometown.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008