Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Flat Stanley & Lost Tooth

Today Emma received her first Flat Stanley response letter from Aunt Faith in Rome, NY. Flat Stanley was very busy during his stay. He enjoyed walking, swimming, and singing with the choir. If you have not received a Flat Stanley letter from Emma and you would be willing to host him at your house, please let me know. She is hoping to send him all over the country and to some cities around the world. The other big news is that Emma lost her third tooth at YMCA camp.

Flat Stanley wearing swim trunks and a hat during his visit to Rome, NY

Third lost tooth

Emma & Joe


Friday, June 22, 2007

Last Day of Six

Today is the last day of Emma being six-years-old. She spent the day at Camp Pa-Wa-Pi dressed as a pirate for the final day of Treasure Island Week. Next week is the World of Super Heroes at camp and the world with seven-year-old Emma in our home! I think she looks a lot like cousin Heather in this photo.


Joe says, "read this book it will make you smile!" You can order it from Amazon or directly from Woodbine House Publishers at a reduced rate. The link to Woodbine House in on the right under T21.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Seeing the Light

Deseret News published a great article about T21 and the publication of Gifts. Click here to read the article. Some of my blog buddies have written essays in this book. This month Barnes and Noble is featuring Gifts as recommended reading. Check it out at your local B&N!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

What a difference a day and a cake can make

Chris before Father's Day tackling our endless piles of paperwork.

Chris (in the same spot) on Father's Day with an ice cream cake!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Emma & Joe sang to us at dinner tonight. Emma sang a song from YMCA camp Pa-Wa-Pi and Joe sang his favorite "Oh Susannah!" Emma is at the end of her first of six weeks of daycamp and Joe is about to start summer session at Heartwood. He will go to Heartwood M-Th from 7:30 AM (when the bus picks him up) to 12:30 PM. Joe is also transitioning from the Blue Room to the Orange Room at Spartan Child Development Center. He only goes there on Tue/Thr afternoons, but it is still an important place for our family.

Emma cracking herself up

Joe with humus and mujadara

serious Joe

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


We received word today that all of Joe's screenings have come back within normal limits! It is so good to have the leukemia test behind us for another year and to know that his thyroid is stable with the meds. I'm not sure if we need to repeat the Celiac Disease screening--anyone know? In other news, I forgot to take photos at Chris's tenure party or before we went out last night for our eight-year anniversary. Oh well, everything doesn't need to be photo documented.

Joe & Aaron

Aaron & Joe not thrilled to be riding together


Joe objecting to something

Joe and Aaron had a playdate this morning at the pool. Today wasn't a good day for the pals. Joe spent his time jumping in th pool and Aaron pretended he was fishing with the noodles. They could not be convinced to play together. In fact, they were glad to say goodbye to each other.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Party at our house

Tomorrow is our big party to celebrate Chris's promotion to associate professor with tenure. We spent the day shopping, cleaning, organizing and decorating. At the end of the day the kids made a big banner in honor of Chris.

Joe & Emma make a banner for Chris

Friday, June 01, 2007


This morning we took Joe to the clinic to have his annual leukemia test, his 3-month hypothyroid test, and a test for celiac disease. In the past the nurses at this particular clinic have been able to find Joe's veins and draw his blood. Not today. Chris held Joe on his lap, I held Joe's legs and 2 nurses poked at both arms but could not reach the vein. After about 15 minutes of Joe screaming "no, no, no" we told the nurses to stop trying, Joe refused the stickers (that's my boy), and we left. This kid has gone through so much in 4 years and it breaks my heart to hold him down for yet another medical intervention--especially one that doesn't accomplish anything. Now we have to try again at another clinic, but frankly, we are running out of places to go. Plus he and Emma have their annual physical with Dr. Takagishi this afternoon. That means shots and the finger poke. What a day.