Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Snowy Day

Emma & Joe were home from school again today. We made rice krispie treats, visited the public library, played hide-&-seek, and finally I agreed to go with them outside to play in the snow. It took us about 15 minutes to put on snow pants, boots, hats, mittens (it is so aggravating trying to get Joe's little thumbs into mittens!), coats and scarves. Joe was outside less than two minutes when he put his boot in the snow and said, "Oh no, no, no!" We asked him if he wanted to sled, he answered, "no, thank you!" And then, "bye, bye, mama, bye, bye, Emma," and he walked back inside, took off his boots, mittens, coat, hat (not snow pants), and marched downstairs to play with his cars in the warm, dry playroom. Emma tried out her sled in the backyard and built a snow girl. Hurray! Public school is back in session tomorrow.

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L. Noelle said...

Very Cute! I guess Joe certainly knows what he wants, when he wants it! Good for him! Looks like fun though!