Sunday, April 29, 2007

Race for the Cure

Emma, Joe & I ran in Race for the Cure in downtown Lansing today. Emma & Joe ran the 50 yard dash, Emma & I ran the mile race, and I ran the 5k with my book club, "No Time to Read." I ended up going at my own pace and ran most of the 5k on my own. I finished the race (!) and my time of 38 minutes was pretty good for me.

Kate & Amy

Emma & her 2 medals

Amy & Emma at the starting line of the 1 mile
Amy, Joe & Emma before the race
Molly & Joe

Daniel, Tommy & Emma


L. Noelle said...

That's pretty impressive! Good for you! BTW, Yes, there were many signs that he wasn't sleeping well. He snores at night, has to breathe with his mouth open, sleeps sitting up in the middle of the night etc. You definitely know when they aren't sleeping soundly. Jaden always sleeps through the night technically, it's just that he isn't ever in a deep sleep.

Jessica said...

That's awesome! It would take me forever to even walk one mile let alone a 5 k run!

Stacy and Mike said...

Congrats on a first and fabulous race for all three of you! We should be called the "No time to read OR run!" What race is next?!

Anonymous said...

Wowzers! Your accomplishments are GREAT!!! The pics of you and the kids are also GREAT!!! Love them all!

Lee :)

PS. You're pure inspiration!

Timothy and Beth said...

congratulations! that's fantastic! The pictures from the race a great!

Emma and Joe,
You two are unbelievable... the best niece and nephew and cousins ever. Wow, Emma, two medals! Joe, was that a cow on your shirt? Paul misses you both. We're reading the book you made him last year every night now before bed. He's working on some things for you. His art is a little slower in coming, but something for spring.
love, Aunt Beth.

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Congratulations and what great photos! I love that you did this as a family and for such a good cause. What an inspiration.


BStrong said...

You're very brave. I've driven 5k before, I've also done it on a bike, but running or walking it, forget it. Can you say cardiac arrest? I can.

Michelle said...

Looks like everyone had a great time at the race! Both of your kids sure are cutie pies! Yes, please feel free to link!

My Kayla is also 3.5 - she'll be 4 in July; when is Joe's bday?

Conny said...

I love these pics - looks like you had so much fun and you did great! Would be great if we'd had here a race like that, too.

Michelle said...

That is wonderful!! I used to run...till I figured that I was starting to injure myself. Miss it. I do love your photos! You ought to be so proud!

Michelle said...

Well happy belated birthday to Joe! (that's my hubby's name too!)

Kim Ayres said...

What a fantastic day! I struggle to walk 5K