Monday, May 28, 2007

Carleigh's Graduation

We just returned from our trip to Berea, KY to see Carleigh graduate from Berea College. Berea was founded by some of the same people who founded my alma mater Oberlin College, with the same principle of "learning and labor." Like Oberlin, it was also co-educational and interracial from its inception. At some point Oberlin started charging tuition, but Berea has remained a tuition-free institution for all who are accepted. There are so many things wrong with higher education, here is a place that is doing something right. It was a beautiful weekend in a lovely town. Hurray for Carleigh!

Dottie (proud Grandma), John, Carleigh, & Joy

John & Carleigh

Joe (had to change clothes), Carleigh & Emma

Dottie, John, Joy, Joe & Emma on the main street of Berea, KY

Carleigh & Emma at dinner the night before graduation

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L. Noelle said...

Congratulations to Carleigh! It's good to know that this school is doing things differently!