Monday, May 21, 2007

Philip, Kate, Ning & CeCe

This week I am in Bloomington, IN doing research at the Kinsey Institute (that's right, THE Kinsey Institute). I began my research trip with a visit to Philip & Kate's new, fabulous home in Indianapolis. We spent a lovely day together -- the highlight was seeing Ning & Philip play at Ning's piano recital (what is a recital, without a wandering dog? See photo below)! I finally met the indomitable Cece, a gal with a lot of spunk. This morning Philip drove me to Bloomington and I began my research. Jan Shipps, who worked at the Institute in the late 1960s, met me for coffee this afternoon and entertained me with stories of the old days at Kinsey (wow). I am looking forward to spending the next two days in the archives and wandering around Bloomington.
Ning, Kate, Cece, & Philip

Philip, Ning & a wandering dog


Ning & Samantha

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L. Noelle said...

This is very exciting! What a great experience this is going to be! What exactly are you going to be doing there? I'm very curious.