Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Flat Stanley at the Atlanta Zoo

Flat Stanley has made it to the Atlanta Zoo! Like all of the Frilingos clan, he is strangely drawn to Flamingos. Flat Stanley has been very busy these days visiting friends and family in Rome, NY, Wakefield, MA, Brockton, MA, Newton, MA, Orlando, FL, Florence, Italy, and now Atlanta, GA. This guy gets around! When not singing in the choir with Great Aunt Faith, watching giraffes with cousin Paul, fixing wires with Uncle Pete on the roof of a house, eating gelatto with Anna & Chris Celenza, watching Uncle Paul and Aunt Lucille fold laundry, or going to Disney with Tutu & Papou, Flat Stanley plans for his next adventure. Aunt Beth & Uncle Tim are taking him to Scotland and then reuniting him with Emma in San Rafael, California at Grand TuTus 90th birthday party! Is it wrong to be jealous of a paper doll?


Timothy and Beth said...

It seems that Flat Stanley has acquired Paul's distaste for getting dressed in the morning. We might be able to sway him with some Scottish kilts.

Michelle said...

what a fun project this is! We did get Flat Stanley and plan to have a report to you soon from NM!

BStrong said...

Ok, so I'm a little lost here about Flat Stanley. It's a piece of paper with a drawing of a non-gender figure on it. Stanley has obviously been to more places than I have been to this past year.

Can someone help me out here. I'm having paper envy.

Amy said...

Tim & Beth: maybe you could dress Paul & Stanley as twins.

Michelle: I'll post a message on the blog when he comes back from NM.

Bstrong: Flat Stanley is an easy-to-read story about a kid who is flattened by a bulletin board but it otherwise fine. He finds out that one of the advantages to being flat is that he can travel at a low cost in envelopes. My daughter read the book and then sent a bunch of Flat Stanleys around the country to visit and dressed in the local garb (except in Atlanta where it is apparently too hot for clothes). We are hoping this helps with geography and math (she calculates miles traveled).

Archie said...

Pretty cool for a piece of paper!