Monday, July 30, 2007

A Girl and Her Doll

Emma had her 7-year-old photo taken this morning. It was tough to choose the best one!


Michelle said...

those all came out great! I can see why it would be hard to chose one favorite!

I hope to get Flat Stanley back in the mail to you this week; sorry it's taking me so long!

kamila said...

She is absolutely stunning!!!

Dave and I are also planning on getting the Flat Stnaley back to you soon. We've been very busy, but he's hanging on the fridge waiting....

Hope to see you guys soon!

Amy said...


No worries about Flat Stanley, I am sure he is happy spending time with you.

Kamila -

Hi! I didn't know you are checking the blog. Come visit us! Are you on facebook? I am totally addicted to scrabulous, want to play?

kamila said...

Hi Amy!
Of course I'm checking the blog!!! I've been 'spying' on you guys for at least a year or so :)

We'd love to come visit, just let us know when is good for you :)

I don't have facebook.. I'm still having issues with signing in here, but I'll check it out. If it's easy enough we'll create an account :)

Kisses to Emma and Joe!

RK said...

Great pictures, but who is suprised with such a pretty subject! :o)