Thursday, July 26, 2007

What My Kids are Reading

My friends keep asking me what my kids are reading these days and so I have decided that I will post a reading update every so often. What are Emma & Joe reading? Joe is reading "Whose Shoe?" by Margaret Miller. This is a wonderful book that Aunt Katheryn gave to him a couple of years ago. He now points to the words and reads aloud. This is clearly a combination of memorization and picture cues, but hey, it works for us! Emma is reading through the Frog and Toad series. This is a great option for her because they are chapter books that have basic words and the humor is pitched to her level. Finally, this week we began reading out loud "Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone." We are only on chapter 2 but the whole family is excited to learn more about young Harry and his awful relatives.

Joe's choice this summer

Emma choice this summer
Family reading this summer

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RK said...

Looks like some good reading... Especially Frog and Toad!!