Thursday, February 28, 2008

Singing her way to spring

Emma is busy singing this winter! She still sings in the church choir and she is continuing with the MSU Children's Prep Choir. Next month she will begin German language classes on Thursday afternoons taught by MSU German language graduate students. She is excited because her pen-pal Jana lives in Germany and speaks German. Hopefully, Emma will be able to pen a few German words to her by the end of the school year. Tonight Emma is going with a few friends to see the final MSU Women's home basketball game for the season. It is fan appreciation night so anyone wearing anything with MSU on it gets in for free. This is what Emma plans to wear.

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RK said...

Go Emma with all your busy activities!! Especially the choirs, as I'm a choir girl at heart's been too long since I got to be a part of a great one. You are one lucky girl!