Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I.E.P. Take #2

Many of you know that we had a marathon IEP for Joe last month that didn't go as well as we had hoped. At the end of the IEP we decided to send Joe to a Young 5s program next year as an intermediary step to kindergarten. The more we thought about it the more dissatisfied we were with that option. We investigated other options talked to some friends, teachers, and principals, and we have found a new classroom for Joe. Chris and I visited last Wednesday, Emma & Joe played on the playground on Sunday, and this morning, Chris, Joe, & I spent a couple of hours in the classroom, in music, and Joe went to recess. So.....after lots of deliberation......we are reopening Joe's IEP so that he can attend Red Cedar Elementary School
as a kindergartener next fall! With the support of the principal, the general ed. kindergarten teacher and Mrs Olance, the basic classroom teacher we will create a hybrid program for Joe
that allows flexibility for him to move between classrooms as needed. The basic classroom has children from k-6 who range in abilities and, therefore, in time spent in the general education classroom. Joe will still have ST, OT, PT, & adapt. phys. ed. in this program. We especially like Red Cedar because it is a small school (the kindergarten class we visited had 15 students), it is the international school (ESL kids have their own challenges), it is also the hearing impaired school (again non-typical student population) and the principal is deeply committed to inclusion. This seems like the best learning environment for Joe. Joe was happy and joined right in with the class. As a bonus, when we went to music with Joe's class the music teacher read Anna Celenza's book, The Farewell Symphony, to the class!!!! I almost cried; it felt like Joe had another level of support having Anna there with him. If you haven't read any of Anna's awesome series of children's books on composers click HERE.

Emma & Joe

Joe playing the bongos with his pal Roderick

"Mom, she's reading Anna's book!"

The basic class at Red Cedar Elementary (Joe's feet don't touch the floor)

Look at how happy he is to be there.

Joe helped with the calendar while visiting the class


Kelly said...

What great news! Nothing feels better than knowing you have found a great place for your child's school year. The school sounds fantastic!

I'm off to check out those books...

Michelle said...

I'm glad you were able to change his IEP - this school sounds like it'll be a great fit!

Jennifer Gittings Frilingos said...

I do see how happy Joe was to be at Red Cedar and I'm confident that THEY will be so happy to have him there next year!! Wow, kindergarten!!!
Aunt Jen