Monday, June 02, 2008

Tourist in your own town

Emma ran the Michigan Mile with the 7-year-old group on Saturday morning. The race was at the Lug Nuts baseball stadium and we saw lots of friends and had a good 1-mile run. Joe was signed up for the 50-yard dash but he was sick Friday night and needed to sleep in (so did Chris who was up with him from 1-4 PM!)
In the afternoon we participated in "Be a Tourist in Your own Town." We rode the CATA bus around Lansing and had our passports stamped at the local attractions that we visited. Joe & Emma thought riding the bus was the best part of the day. This is Joe sitting on a huge truck that was part of "Construction University" a kids event set up around the construction site in downtown Lansing. We wished cousin Evan was with us. He would have LOVED this site.

Emma at Impression 5 Children's Science Museum, Lansing, MI


Timothy and Beth said...

Congratulations Emma!! That is impressive. What a great event. Paul too would have thought riding the buses was the best part of the day. Though I think he'd also like the construction site. Today, he got to see the work site for the new GSU science building that is going up right outside Uncle Tim's office window. There were two large cranes!
Aunt Beth, Uncle Tim, & Paul

Tutu said...

Dear Emma & Joe,
What a great day. Emma I bet you ran like lightening. You & Uncle Tim can run when they come to visit. Joe you look great driving the big truck! Love Papou & Tutu

Jennifer Gittings Frilingos said...

Emma, I think Uncle Tim is going to have a running partner when he visits you. Great running!!! Joe, the picture of you in the driver seat of the truck is VERY COOL and Evan wishes he could have been there. Was that a garbage truck you were driving? That's one of Evan's favorites.
Love, Aunt Jen and Evan