Wednesday, July 09, 2008

MSU Sports Skills

David Opsommer, son of Mary & Bob Opsommer, is featured in The State News today. David was in Joe's swimming session with the MSU Sports Skills Program this year. He also saw Joe's speech therapist Kim Boyd for many years. Over the past year Mary has given me a lot of good advice and receives a gold star for listening to me rant for an entire swim session after Joe's spring I.E.P. Around that same time, we had a conversation about birthday parties and my sadness that no one from Joe's preschool attended or even RSVP-ed his 4th birthday party. (This year we didn't invite the kids in his class, and as it turned out, one kid ended up attending--whatever). Listening to her talk on the video I am reminded how important it is to have peers (parents & our kids) and how glad I am to know this family. Click HERE to view the video.

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Michelle S. said...

I also am so happy we know the Opsommers. Wasn't it a wonderful video. I cried and the part that got everyone was when she talked of friends and birthday parties. Daniel has been lucky enough to maybe average an invitation once a year. When we had a party in 4th grade I invited his whole class. I think 13 came. Pretty good. I am thankful for those wonderful parents who may have had a bit of a say if their kids came. Daniel will remember that party forever. I almost lost my mind with the stress of it. Someone asked me yesterday if I went to a support group anymore. I said no, I go to sports skills and Daniel's group speech and those are my support groups. :) Thanks for being a part of it Amy! Michelle