Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sight words

I found and downloaded literacy materials from the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County. It is part of their Learning Program geared specifically to kids with DS. Joe started working with the materials this week. It is an easy system based on matching pictures and then matching words. First I began by having Joe match the pictures of food (apple, ice cream, watermelon, hot dog, etc) and after he got the hang of the game, we began to match words. Joe surprised me by reading "apple" off of the first card before we had begun. I think that he has seen it so many times on flashcards that he has memorized it as a "sight word." I also picked up new flash cards (2 boxes of identical cards) in the $1 bins at Target and I am supplementing the materials that I downloaded. I am not sure for how long he will put up with this "game" but for now he seems to enjoy it.

The word and picture charts taped to a poster board.

Joe matching food pictures.

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