Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back at Home

We dropped off Joe's paperwork and he is ready to start kindergarten! Am I ready for him to start kindergarten?

Emma in her own bed surrounded by groovy friends.

Emma & Joe loved our vacation but they are also happy to be back at home in their own beds running around their own neighborhood. Emma is still at Camp Pawapi for a couple more weeks and Joe is going to Spartan Child Development Center just a couple of times before he says goodbye to his friends and the staff.


Christina said...

Emma and Kallie would get along GREAT! SHe LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSs Groovy Girls! We have about 25 of them!

Michelle S. said...

It's always the parents who aren't ready isn't it? How awesome, I wasn't sure what the plans ended up being for Joe. I can't wait to hear more about his "set up". I hope he's swimming again this fall!

Jennifer said...

That photo of Emma in bed is PRICELESS. I love it!! Hurray for big Joe the kindergartener!!! We will be cheering for him all year and look forward to hearing how he is doing.