Monday, September 22, 2008

This I Believe

Driving home, listening to NPR Chris heard the lead up for "This I Believe." It went something like this, "with the Palin nomination there has been more media coverage of Down Syndrome. Today an essay from a college professor who submitted an essay a while back about raising a child with Down Syndrome....." Could it be? Nope. RATS!!! Close! But no cigar. To read ANOTHER profs essay on raising a child with Down Syndrome click HERE. To re-read my essay, click the link in the right hand column.


Tutu said...

Dear Amy,
I know your essay will be read. Thanks for sharing Gregg Roger's essay. Joe has shown us love, hope, joy and lots of laughter. Judi

Timothy and Beth said...

Thanks for posting this. I hardly hear This I believe anymore. Such a beautiful essay and of course, I still love reading yours.
Joe and Emma look great picking raspberries. I miss them, and hope school is going well for them both.

P.S. - Paul LOVES singing that song that Joe taught him... Oh be joyful, oh be jubilant...

Michelle S. said...

Your essay is beautiful Amy. It brings me back to feelings I had with Daniel. We have different situations, but also very much the same.

Archie said...

So close! Gregg is a friend of ours; it's pretty cool to hear him on the radio. Looking forward to hearing yours!

Lianna said...

Wow, beautiful! I needed to read those words!