Friday, November 07, 2008

Our little politician

Here is the political update from our corner of the world: As noted in a previous post, Emma conducted a voter survey in her 3rd grade class, drew a bar graph to demonstrate the results (which happily matched the election results in the state), and wrote a op ed letter to the Lansing State Journal. Sadly, the letter and graph weren't published. Although she was disappointed, quickly she focused her political energy and interests toward a highly contested vote in her elementary school about which charity (3 choices) the students should sponsor this year. Emma wrote and delivered an impassioned speech calling on her fellow Marble School Muskrats to vote for the animal shelter. Everyone voted on Tuesday (including parents) and on Wednesday the reported results (made by friend Daniel) showed a clear victory for the Animal Shelter! Here in her own words, grammar, and spelling is Emma's first political speech:

"Hello. My name is Emma. I think you should vote for the animal shelter because we have been wrecking their homes. Doesn't everyboddy like animals? They are fun to play with and help people for example some dogs can help people who can't see! If you give money to the shelter it will help feed the animals give them blankits toys for them to play with. Think about it. We have all that stuff and these pore animals don't and they should have some stuff! I bet a lot of you have a pet and love them! What if you were stuk in that shelter you would probable get fed but not your favrit food! Animals have favrit foods too like us! You should vote for the animal shelter because we are the Marble Muskrats and muskrats are animals! VOTE FOR ANIMAL SHELTER!!!!!!!"


Timothy and Beth said...

Bravo Emma!! We've always thought you were very persuasive. We're very proud.

Aunt Beth, Uncle Tim, Paul & Jack

Lianna said...

I think you have a powerful advocate on your hands! Go, Amy!!!

Michelle S. said...

That is a very well organized and impassioned speech Emma. Even though I voted for something different I can be a good sport and help support your political views :) That's called being a good sport!!!

Jennifer said...

Way to go, Emma!!
Aunt Jen