Thursday, November 27, 2008


What could be finer than playing Bingo while munching on olive & cheese english muffins?
Joe laughing hysterically at his knock knock joke that is only funny to him. Here it is: Joe: "knock, knock" me: "who is there?" Joe: "Rick" me: "Rick who?" Joe: "Rick my bus driver!"
Today we slept in, watched the Macy's Day parade, played Sesame Street Bingo, took a family walk, and waited for the turkey to cook. Still waiting......


Anonymous said...

LOL! Joe's laughter picture is infectious!

Timothy and Beth said...

I can't believe you don't get Joe's joke.

I guess the humor is more "New Yorker" than "Lansing State Journal"

Jennifer said...

Joe, I'm going to tell Evan about your Knock Knock joke. He only knows 2 right now and has been wanting to learn more.