Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

Hanging stockings

Emma gave Joe emergency vehicles

Joe gave Emma "Littlest Pet Shop" (thank goodness)

Chris came home from the hospital on Dec. 23rd in the afternoon! Who knew that a paper cut could end up being so serious? He is on heavy oral antibiotics and his hand is only a little puffy and pink but he has earned the title "Santa Claw" this year. We went to the pageant (Emma & Joe couldn't be in it) and then came home to open a few gifts. Each year we give the kids matching pjs and Emma & Joe open their gifts to each other. Then we eat, hang up the stockings, leave a letter for Santa and cookies and cheese for Santa Mouse and GO TO BED!


Timothy and Beth said...

Merry Christmas! Chris is home and healing, hurray!!
I love the matching pajamas!!
We left out baklava for Santa and dried cranberries for the reindeer and it was eaten all up!!
aunt beth, uncle tim, paul, jack and blue

P.S. we've listened to BOTH CDs and read BOTH books. Paul is very thankful and pleased. Thank you!

Michelle S. said...

What?? I had no idea he was in the hospital! When you said you were glad he was home, I assumed he was out of town! You'll have to fill me in. Yikes.