Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear Mr. President

Emma wrote a letter to President Obama and it was posted in the online version of our local paper, the Lansing State Journal. Click HERE (and scroll down a long way) to read her letter and others. Here it is:

Letter from Emma DeRogatis-Frilingos

Dear President Obama,

My name is Emma DeRogatis-Frilingos. I am in Mrs. Daley's class in third grade in Marble Elementary School in East Lansing, Michigan. I think that you should put swimming pools in the public schools. Swimming pools are good exercise, and if it was indoor recess people could have a choice of staying in their classroom or they could go swimming. This is very important for people who live in snowy places.

Thank you.

Emma DeRogatis-Frilingos
Marble Elementary, age: 8



Timothy and Beth said...

That is beautiful. An excellent argument! I especially like the part about it being important for people living in snowy places. That is very true and I think President Obama can relate to that, coming from Chicago.
Aunt Beth

Michelle S. said...

The indoor recess thing is a problem as Zachary said the other day, he said, "mom, we have had so much indoor recess the kids are getting really crazy, and I have to say, I'm even getting antsy." I asked if they could run around in the gym and shoot baskets and he said no. I keep meaning to send an email and suggest this. Love the pool idea though.

Tutu said...

Emma, you are amazing. I hope you get a reply to your letter. Love Tutu