Monday, January 19, 2009

A Fairy Tale by Emma

The Panda Bear’s Adventure
By Emma DeRogatis-Frilingos

Once upon a time no later then one year ago a panda bear named Max was eating a piece of bamboo when he saw a shimmer of gold falling from the sky. He wished that he could fly so he could see what the shimmer of gold was. But he was a big, fat panda and did not have wings. He tried flapping his arms like he was flying but it didn’t work. Then a pretty panda bear named Katie said, “I am under a spell! Can you help me? You can ask me anything and I will answer it but you must help me.” Max thought about it for a long time and Katie was getting impatient. Then Max said, “I will help you. Here’s my question. I saw a shimmer of gold falling out of the sky when I was eating a piece of bamboo. Do you know what I saw?” “You found it, you found it! Where did you see it?” Katie said, her voice was all excited. “Please tell me now! Where did you see it?” Max thought that Katie was getting a little bit demanding. Katie interrupted his thoughts by saying, “this is the last time I am asking you. WHERE DID YOU SEE THE SHIMMER OF GOLD?” Now Katie was yelling and it was hurting Max’s ears! “I saw it falling to the left,” said Max. “No, it was to the right.” Max started to think again. Katie yelled, “Just choose one,” she said. “Yup, I was right, it was to the left,” Max said. “I remember now.” “Let’s go,” said Katie. They ran to the left and what do you think they saw? They saw the biggest forest in the whole, wide world. Max said, “Let’s go.” They didn’t run through the woods because that wasn’t a good idea, so they walked through the forest. Max saw a light and he said, “I think that is the way out of the woods.” Katie was so happy that she did a little jig. Then she ran out of the woods. Max saw a big, old chest and Katie opened it up. Inside was a golden shoot of bamboo. Katie bit into the shoot and she began to change from a panda into a human. She also began to grow long, strawberry blond hair. A golden-yellow dress appeared on her body with little pink hearts on it. And she had a crown on her head and held a wand with a star on top. Max was scared to death. “Wha-wha-what has happened?” He said. “You broke the spell! Thank you! Thank you!” Katie said, “I shall give you anything. What do you want?” Max thought about it for a long time. Then he asked, “May I have wings?” “Sure,” Katie said. Then she said, “Wings, pings, rings!” Then golden wings appeared on Max’s shoulders. He said, “thank you!” And the two friends said goodbye to each other and Max flew off and lived happily ever after.

The End


Michelle S. said...

Fabulous! We edited Zachary's all weekend. I thought about posting his but it was waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too long. I loved her story so much!!! Zachary's has a wolf eating over 200 people in his. . . boys!

Timothy and Beth said...

What an excellent fairy tale! Paul loved that it was about pandas, of course. Emma, I'm so glad you are writing a lot. You are an excellent writer! Keep it up!
Aunt Beth & Paul

Tutu said...

Emma, you should have that published. We are so proud of you. I will read it to Evan tomorrow. Love Tutu