Monday, March 23, 2009

The Cousins

Emma & Jack

Evan, Paul, Liam (look at his curls!), Emma, Papou and Tutu
Emma & Chris went to Atlanta to meet our nephew Jack, to see the other cousins Paul, Liam & Evan and to celebrate Tutu's bday. While there they visited the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, the Atlanta Zoo, a science center and Chris and Daniel visited the trash bin at Jen and Daniel's apartment complex. To make a long story short, Emma's doll Gracie made it back to East Lansing. Joe and I stayed home and visited the ENT, the MSU children's garden and the butterfly house.


Michelle S. said...

oh my I love the cheeks on Jack!!! so cute!! Looks like a fun trip!

Jennifer said...

It was great to see Chris and Emma! The visit was short, fun and unforgettable. :)