Saturday, March 07, 2009

Emma's First Report

Emma has completed her first research report. Her teacher, Mrs. Daley, has encouraged the students to pursue an extra-credit research project. Emma decided to research the Underground Railroad during Black History Month. Last week we went to the public library and found books about the Underground Railroad and Emma took notes on each book. During her research Emma realized that Harriet Tubman was very important in the history of the Underground Railroad. This week I typed and printed her notes. Emma found images of Harriet Tubman and a map of the routes of the Underground Railroad. Today she organized the material and pasted it on to a poster board. She will present it to her class on Monday.


RK said...

Excellent work, Emma! A+++ in my book. :o)

Timothy and Beth said...

Wow! Emma, congratulations! A research report is a lot of work. Well done!
aunt beth, uncle tim, paul & jack

Michelle S. said...

Zachary is doing one too, his is on Zachary Taylor, the president. He forgot his note cards at school though so he couldn't quite finish this weekend. But he is doing Harriet Tubman for his contributing american report. I have told him about Harriet Tubman before, and he loved her bravery! Great job Emma.

Tutu said...

Great Job, Emma!!! I learned so much about the Underground Railroad after talking with you on Saturday. Love Tutu