Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Birthday

Yesterday was Chris's birthday. We had a celebration with the kids and then went out to dinner on our own. Joe was in a foul mood when he figured out that it wasn't his birthday but his Dad's birthday. He refused to make Chris a birthday card, he opened Chris's gifts and said that they were his, AND, everytime I said "today is Dad's birthday" he sang "Happy Birthday" as loud as he could to himself. Joe calls himself "Joey" in Happy Birthday to make a point and extend his name as long as possible. The good news is, he is really aware of his birthday this year and is beginning to understand time, as in this week. The bad news is, Chris's birthday comes first every year.


Beverly said...

My Noah thinks that every bday party and song are for him too. It is too funny!

Timothy and Beth said...

I love it! Joe, I can't wait til tomorrow and hope that you'll sing happy birthday to yourself for us.
aunt beth, uncle tim, paul, jack and blue