Sunday, May 24, 2009

CHUM Open House

It's a miracle! Joe is enjoying crafts. His OT would be proud.

Are these two related?

On Saturday we went to the annual Open House at C.H.U.M. Emma & Joe had fun riding horses and playing with all of the the other kids and various animals around the barn. Joe surprised me by volunteering to join in at the crafts table. That is a big change for him. Usually he refuses to participate in arts and crafts.


Anonymous said...

Joe looks like he was really into his art making! As always, I enjoy your pics!

Beverly said...

How wonderful that he enjoyed crafting! I love the photos on the horse

Michelle S. said...

I'm so jealous. Daniel just started to want to draw himself and is finally starting to do art. Of course he won't have it at school anymore since he won't have it as an elective. sigh. Great pics!