Thursday, May 14, 2009

Special Olympics, East Lansing

Joe participated in Special Olympics today with his class. He was entered in two events, both involved throwing objects (bean bag toss & ball toss). The fourth grade students came to the MSU track to cheer on Joe's class. It was a very windy day but all of the kids did great.


Michelle S. said...

you are so good at those slide shows!! Great Job JOE!

Tutu said...

Great Job, Joe!!!! We sure are proud of you & your great class. Love Papou & Tutu

Timothy and Beth said...

Woohoo Joe! You're the best! We're so proud. Paul and Jack are in Wheaton, IL today, not too far from you.
Aunt Beth, Uncle Tim, Paul, Jack, and Blue

Jennifer said...

Definite gold medal for that amazing smile at the end of the slide show :) Awesome job, Joe, it looks like you had a great time!!!