Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today Emma turned 9 years old. She started off the day by opening her first gift--a new soccer ball-- and finding her second gift--a soccer goal--in the front yard. Then we picked up her friend, Emma A., and drove to a strawberry farm in Dewitt. We picked lots of berries, came home, packed a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon at the MSU outdoor pool. Emma met up with a pal and they spent most of the afternoon jumping off the diving boards and platforms. Emma likes jumping off the 5 meter platform. I can't find the courage to junp off the 3 meter platform. After the pool we stopped by at Tasty Twist and then home for dinner, cake, and a couple more gifts. We ended the day with our nightly 2-mile bike ride around Patriarche park. What a day!


Michelle S. said...

awesome!! great pictures. Happy 9th bd Emma. Zachary was so sorry to miss the party!!

Tutu said...

What a wonderful birthday. Wish we could have been with you. We love you. Papou & Tutu