Sunday, July 19, 2009

Detroit Zoo

We went to the Detroit Zoo with the Dickert-Conlin family today.
Charlie, Daniel, Molly, Joe & Emma on the train to the other end of the zoo.

Sticking tongues out (except Joe) like giraffes.
Joe feeding a baby giraffe apple slices. He took a bit after the giraffe.

Emma feeding the baby giraffe.

Emma and Daniel watching polar bears swim over their heads.

Prairie dog exhibit. Behind this dog is a place where kids can look up and see the world like a prairie dog.

Prairie dog Emma. Joe did this but he was too short to pop up and see.


Beverly said...

looks like a good time!

Michelle S. said...

oh how we love the Detroit zoo. We haven't yet made it this year. Hopefully we will! How great you got the polar bears actively swimming. That is always a huge bonus!

Timothy and Beth said...

Love these! What fun times at the Detroit Zoo!