Sunday, August 09, 2009

Lansing Lugnuts

We have gone to the Lansing Lugnuts a few times this summer. The past two Fridays we have gone with CADSA and the Sparrow Superstars. The games are very family-friendly, but Joe has a tough time. His ear wax issue has finally been resolved but now he hears the world like the rest of us and things like baseball games are "too loud" for him. He didn't stay for the CADSA game, but he did stay for a few innings of the Sparrow game on Friday. You can see him with his hands over his ears in the slide show.


Timothy and Beth said...

I love these pictures!! You know it's funny, Paul has been complaining that things are too loud lately as well. He has had earwax troubles like Joe. I wonder if they've finally been resolve too.
Miss you all.
Aunt Beth

Michelle S. said...

great pics. Emma looks like she's grown up a lot this summer! Daniel LOVES the Lugnuts, we haven't been yet this year...better put that on the things to do list!