Monday, September 07, 2009

End of Summer

The end of summer is officially here. The kids are in bed ready to begin school tomorrow. Emma will be in Mrs. Remington's 4th grade class and Joe will be in Mrs. Olance's basic classroom and plugged into Ms. Dunn's kindergarten class (second times a charm!) for meaningful activities. We have Joe's IEP written so that he will shoot to achieve all of the kindergarten goals this year. He has worked hard this summer on reading and numbers. He also did a lot of OT tasks to strengthen his fingers and improve his small motor skills. He continued seeing Miss Kim for ST and I think that he is talking more everyday. His big successes this summer were learning to ride a bike (with training wheels) and swimming without a life jacket. Emma continues to be very active and is looking forward to soccer starting again on Wednesday. She decided to continue with choir this year too. It looks like it will be as busy this school year as it was last year.


Lianna said...

Oh great news on Joe's accomplishments this past summer! Riding a bike is hard work!!!

I hope the kids' first day at school went great!

Tutu said...

We know they will have a wonderful school year! 'Cause they have the best attitude & love school & most important they are our grandchildren. Love Papou & Tutu