Thursday, October 22, 2009

CHUM Hippotherapy in the news, again

The young woman featured in this story, Katie, is the person who 5 years ago convinced me to keep Joe in hippotherapy. Joe began with this program (C.H.U.M.) when he was 14 months old. For the first year he screamed during every bi-weekly session. It got so bad that some days I had to sit in the car. About half way through the first year I had a conversation with Katie and told her that I was worried about Joe and I didn't think that he would ever like horseback riding. What she said to me was this: "Oh, I cried for a long time when I started. I think I was scared. But after awhile I began to like it and now I am great at horseback riding!" I kept Joe in the program and now, after 5 years, he is great at horseback riding. Click HERE to read the State News story about Katie.

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