Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Joe's Halloween Party

Joe the shark

The shark waits for the parade to begin.

Joe had his school Halloween party this afternoon. This year for Halloween he is a shark. Tomorrow Emma has her party and later we go to the Pumpkin Walk in downtown East Lansing.


Lianna said...


I chuckled over the green Crocs with the shark costume! A whole water predator theme going on there! ;)

ds.mama said...

What a cute shark!

Beverly said...

too cute

Timothy and Beth said...

Emma and Joe, Your Halloween costumes are great! Enjoy the Great Pumpkin Walk.

Tutu said...

Dear Joe,
You are a very scary shark!!! Now don't eat all that Halloween candy, save some for Papou & Tutu. We love you. Papou & Tutu