Thursday, January 14, 2010

Calvin the pest


1. Shredded the shower curtain
2. Fallen into the bathtub while Emma was taking a bath
3. Turned on the self-cleaning oven at 10:30 PM
4. Got shut in the refrigerator
5. Jumped vertically over 4 ft. and landed on a guest's shoulders
6. Began eating his weight in cat food
7. Enjoyed sleeping in the sink
8. Enjoyed sleeping on the stove top
9. Learned about squirt guns


Stacy and Mike said...

Cible sleeps in sinks too! Maybe its a Tabby-thing!

Lianna said...

"Jumped vertically over 4 ft. and landed on a guest's shoulders"

Are you serious?! Amazing!

Gabe is very much into The Mean Kitty video on YouTube. It's funny because he never expressed any interest in cats...but now! He talks incessantly about The Mean Kitty! LOL!

On another note, I want so badly to see you video of Joe reading, but for some odd reason I cannot get One True Media files to show up. :(

So, I want to say WAY TO GO JOE!!! anyway!

Tutu said...

Calvin got lots of practice jumping on my head over Christmas!! Love Tutu

Michelle S. said...

I assume the learned about squirt guns is you trying to train him to not do these things? Calvin has been very busy. Our cat growing up was never allowed on any tables, counters, sinks anything like that. People always say "yea right" but he really never did. We got another cat who wouldn't/couldn't be trained, and let's just say, he didn't stay too long at our house....