Monday, February 15, 2010

Our trip to snowy Atlanta!

We didn't think we would make it but we got a late flight out of Detroit on Friday and spent the weekend in Atlanta. We saw Tutu and Papou's new house and I met Jack for the first time! While we were there we went to the High Museum, the Detroit Zoo, and a bowling alley. The cousins built a snowman after they sat patiently during a family photo shoot on Saturday morning. We arrived home to a chilly house--the furnace broke while we were away! The house has warmed up, the cat is home from the vet, and we are back to life as usual.


Tutu said...

We loved having you with us. Thanks for taking all the photos. We miss you all! Love Papou & Tutu

Michelle S. said...

Nice photos! Making a snowman in Atlanta. Yikes. Looks like everyone had fun! How was the plane ride?

Jennifer said...

Your photos turned out great! We loved seeing you all and had a great time!!!