Sunday, March 07, 2010

Emma's art

Emma standing outside of the gallery during the opening reception.

Emma contributed two suns.

Her orange sun with sun glasses.

Her blue speckled sun.

Amy & Emma standing near her blue speckled sun.

Joe pointing at Emma's art.


Timothy and Beth said...

Way to go Emma! We love the suns!
Paul & Jack

Michelle S. said...

You are so much better than me. I have go back and take pictures. I forgot my camera!! Great job Emma!

Tutu said...

Dear Emma,
Your suns are fantastic!! A true creative artist! We miss you. Love Tutu & Papou

Jennifer said...

very cool, Emma!

Kelly said...

Hi Amy, not quite sure how I found your blog but I am so happy that I did. Your "Greek of the Week" comment caught my eye. I am Greek also:) I look foward to following your journey!!