Friday, March 12, 2010

Growing Up.

The kids were out of school today. It was also the last day of MSU's spring break. In the morning we did errands. Emma went with me to Home Depot to purchase brighter light bulbs and new switchbacks. I spent the rest of the morning changing bulbs, cleaning lights and replacing switchbacks. Besides that, I have been touching up the paint throughout the house to cover up chips, hand prints, crayon lines, and general grime. This afternoon we went to Celebration Cinema to see Planet 51. I was surprised to find out that kids under 12 were free and adult tickets were only $3.50. This is part of a program called Flick's Family Film Festival. The matinees go through April 22nd. We plan to go again during one of the next 1/2 days and over the ELPS spring break. I took this photo of the kids after the movie. They look so big to me these days.


Anonymous said...

The kids are certainly growing up, Amy!!!

Michelle S. said...

they are getting so big! Zachary more and more is sounding like a teenager. And the "dress like a book character" day got a big HUGE eye roll......ahhh

Tutu said...

Emma love your new coat. Sound like you & Joe had a great day together with Mom & Dad. Love Tutu