Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rome: Day 1

We arrived in Rome on Monday morning and after we collected out bags we took a train to Termini (the main terminal) and then jumped in a cab for our hotel in Trastevere. We are staying in a small hotel on the hill in Trastevere (literally across the Tiber River) which is a lovely section of Rome across the Tiber River. After a jet-lagged nap we walked down to the main piazza and walked through Santa Maria church. We spent some time in a cafe, walked along the Tiber river, viewed St. Peter's in the distance from a couple of bridges, and then had dinner in a restaurant in the center of Trastevere. There are tons of restaurants and lots of people walking around at night. I'm so glad we decided to stay here.

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Timothy and Beth said...

What a great trip. Have a wonderful time. Say hi to the pope for us.