Saturday, July 31, 2010

Musical Theatre Camp

Emma went to the CMS musical theatre camp last week. At the end of the week the 60 campers (age 6-17 yrs) put on a review. Emma sang and danced to songs from Oklahoma, Hair Spray, and other musicals. I have photos from Oklahoma, "The Farmer and the Cowmen should be Friends" (she is wearing a short denim dress) and Hair Spray, "You Can't Stop the Beat" (blue T-shirt, jeans and orange bandana).


Michelle S. said...

Fun fun!

Tutu said...

Can't wait to see & hear the video clip!! I bet it was terrific! Love Tutu & Papou

Jennifer said...

How cool! I had a great time in my young and short lived career as an actress in high school drama :) Way to go, Emma!