Saturday, July 09, 2011

First Lost Tooth

While we were in Boston, Joe lost his first tooth (at age 8)! The two bottom adult teeth have come all the way in but the bottom baby teeth have not fallen out. He is scheduled to have them extracted next week. So, we were surprised that he lost a tooth on top. It was loose but we thought the bottom two would either fall or be taken out first.


Stacy and Mike said...

Did the extraction happen? How did that go?! So fun to see him w/o his top tooth! What does he think of it?

Amy said...

Joe did well during the extraction (2 teeth!) because he was hooked up to a laughing gas machine. They also had a movie running on the ceiling during the procedure. The loss of two bottom baby didn't make much of an impression on anyone (including Joe) because his adult teeth had fully grown in.

82 degrees at 7 AM this morning. Expected high of 96 degrees. Even I am uncomfortable in the heat!