Saturday, November 12, 2011

Joe's School: Red Cedar Elementary

The East Lansing Board of education has voted to close Joe's elementary school. Our town like many others is struggling to keep all of the elementary schools open. We were surprised and saddened that the board chose what seems to us to be the best, most functional school in the district. Emma went to the school in walking distance to our home and received a great education. If I had it to do all over again, I would send her to Red Cedar, too. There are so many advantages to this school including the fantastic music teacher who creates great learning opportunities and non-traditional activities like an all day spring concert event. Here is a clip of the spring concert a couple of years ago that included kids planting with the performers during the day and then singing with them in the evening.


AZ Chapman said...

oh no I sometimes fallow his class blog what will happend to his class

Amy said...

Hi AZ! Did you know my older sister has CP? Joe will be finished by the time the school closes and will be in middle school. The sad part is that it is a great context for his classroom because it is the E.L.L. school and the hearing impaired school. With kids from over 50 countries, everyone is unique and everyone has value. So sad.