Saturday, February 04, 2012


Butterflies in the corner above her head

What did you do today? This morning we woke up to Calvin crying. He was stuck in the ceiling of our basement and try as we might, we couldn't get him out. I took Emma (and friend) to art class at the Kresge Museum on campus, Chris took Joe to sports skills. Then I washed the car and came home to dismantle part of the wiring and pulled the cat out of the ceiling. Meanwhile, Chris took Joe out to lunch and then to get his haircut. After Emma returned home, we did shopping (found a dress for the Daddy-daughter dance), dropped some stuff off at Goodwill, and came home for lunch. Then we finally put up the butterflies that she received for Christmas on Emma's wall. When Joe came home we decorated Valentine's Day cookies while Chris returned library books and ran general errands for the household. As I type, Emma is listening to a conversational Italian CD and Joe is playing on his Toy Story 3 Wii. I am hoping to exercise before we go out to dinner tonight. Whew--tomorrow, we start all over again.

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