Saturday, March 03, 2012

Math and Science Day for 6th Grade Girls

Emma looking at bugs
Forensic anthropology
Looking at a cucumber disease

Today Emma and a few of her friends attended the math and science day at MSU geared specifically for 6th grade girls. It was a great program that gave the girls an opportunity to see the variety of topics they can pursue in math and science. Emma attended a session on psychology (her favorite), forensic anthropology (second favorite), entomology (liked the lecture, wouldn't touch the live bugs), and plant pathology and disease (called cucumber killers). She loved the key-note lecture by a female scientist at MSU (and friend) who encouraged the girls to work hard and never give up. Emma's summary: she was great, she sounded like a therapist! Finally, after a jam-packed morning and an ice cream social, we went to the Peanut Barrel for lunch and darts.

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