Thursday, September 18, 2008

Big Zoo Lesson

Meerkats (the subjects of intense scientific observation)

Writing down observations of Meerkats (Emma 2nd to left)

Writing down ideas about the Species Preservation Plan at the zoo.

Making treats for the birds at the zoo (corn, pineapple, & cheerios)

Today I went with Emma's third grade class for their 4th day of the Big Zoo Lesson at Potter Park Zoo. Emma worked with her group observing Meerkats, writing about their behavior, habitat, and personalities and then compared them to 5 other zoo animals. The whole class heard a long lecture on the Species Survival Plan and then had a chance to make treats for some of the zoo birds.

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Michelle S. said...

I asked Zachary if the lecture was too long and he said "no it was really interesting and dove in telling me about the SSP etc. He doesn't miss a beat! Great pics! Emma is a doll.