Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Swim Class

Joe had his first swim class with the Adaptive Phys Ed. course at MSU. He participated in this program last year and loved it. Each semester Joe is teamed with a student in the course who acts as his coach in the pool. This semester Joe is swimming with Ryan.

Ryan & Joe

After swim class we walked across the street and watched the MSU marching band practice for the game on Saturday.


Michelle S. said...

Wow, you are so quick and on top of things!!!! Joe really pulled one over on him didn't he? LOL? The stuggle for power will be figured out soon enough! Daniel's coach was so relieved that it went well. I could see her relaxing after. I'm so impressed by this program!

Kelly said...

Will just started swim lessons too. I've got something for you over at the blog. :)