Friday, October 31, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Walk

Daniel (earth), Charlie (moon), Molly (sun), Joe (Mickey), Emma (witch) Grace (Snow White)

Joe & Molly
Joe checking out his loot.

Emma & Daniel followed the yellow brick road to the E.L.H.S. theatre group's Oz. The tin man is giving out chocolate hearts.
Zachary (Mario) and Emma

Last night we went to the Great Pumpkin Walk in downtown East Lansing. This is one of my favorite local events. We see lots of people we know and the kids are able to trick-or-treat in the stores around campus. This year Joe is Mickey Mouse and Emma is a witch. We met our friends who have a cosmic theme this year. Daniel is the earth, Molly is the sun, and Charlie is the moon.


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Michelle S. said...

They are too cute! Zachary was excited to go to swimming and hang out with Emma yesterday! He's missed that with soccer. I'm so glad they are friends!