Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Parade

Joe with Mrs. Olance leading his class in the parade.

Mickey Mouse
(Doesn't he look big all of a sudden?)

Tri & Joe

Tri, Joe, Maseera, Andy, Gabe, Brooke, Ben, Roderick.

Joe had his first Halloween parade at Red Cedar school. Because he is line leader this week he lead his class in the parade.


Anonymous said...

Joe makes a GREAT leader and such a handsome mouse! Happy Halloween!

Timothy and Beth said...

Great Halloween Photos! That sun is really something. Joe and Emma look terrific!

Kari said...

awww He is the cutest Mickey ever!! He does seem to have grown a whole lot!

Jennifer said...

Joe, good week to be line leader, huh? :) Your costume is great!!
Aunt Jen